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EliteEmbossing make plain paper more exquisite with brand new appearance.

We supply the following service:

  • Texture and Pattern design
  • Embossing Plate-making
  • Glossy & Matt Varnishing
  • HUV CMYK Color Printing
  • Paper High Saturate Coloring with water soluble ink
  • Paper Embossing with our seamless pattern or texture
  • Micro-line design and embossing (0.05mm / 0.1mm)
  • Foil Laminating for Micro-line Embossing
  • Customized Art Paper Production up to B1+ size
  • Merchandise Packaging design, prepress, printing, post-printing

Paper is the must material for printing industry and all any commercial application. We apply brand new computer graphic art design and integrate coloring and embossing processes to extend the value and visual effect of plain paper.

If you agree our concept and idea, please give us the chance to fulfill our embossing art work to be yours.

EB_8463L_G.jpg EB_8462L_G.jpg EB_8461L_G.jpg EB_849L_G.jpg EB_848L_G.jpg EB_847L_G.jpg EB_845L_G.jpg EB_844L_G.jpg EB_843L_G.jpg EB_842L_G.jpg EB_841L_G.jpg EB_840L_G.jpg EB_839L_G.jpg EB_838L_G.jpg EB_836L_G.jpg EB_834L_G.jpg EB_833L_G.jpg EB_832L_G.jpg EB_831L_G.jpg EB_830L_G.jpg EB_828L_G.jpg EB_826L_G.jpg EB_824L_G.jpg EB_823L_G.jpg EB_822L_G.jpg EB_821L_G.jpg EB_820L_G.jpg EB_819L_G.jpg EB_818L_G.jpg EB_817L_G.jpg EB_816L_G.jpg EB_815L_G.jpg EB_814L_G.jpg EB_813L_G.jpg EB_812L_G.jpg EB_811L_G.jpg EB_809L_G.jpg EB_807L_G.jpg EB_806L_G.jpg EB_805L_G.jpg EB_804L_G.jpg EB_803L_G.jpg EB_787L_G.jpg EB_758L_G.jpg EB_750L_G.jpg EB_747L_G.jpg EB_746L_G.jpg EB_742L_G.jpg EB_735L_G.jpg EB_723L_G.jpg EB_680L_G.jpg EB_653L_G.jpg EB_651L_G.jpg EB_645L_G.jpg EB_639L_G.jpg EB_621L_G.jpg EB_620L_G.jpg EB_610L_G.jpg EB_568L_G.jpg EB_563L_G.jpg EB_558L_G.jpg EB_538L_G.jpg EB_535L_G.jpg EB_525L_G.jpg EB_523L_G.jpg EB_522L_G.jpg EB_242L_G.jpg EB_240L_G.jpg EB_239L_G.jpg EB_238L_G.jpg EB_237L_G.jpg EB_236L_G.jpg EB_235L_G.jpg EB_234L_G.jpg EB_232L_G.jpg EB_228L_G.jpg EB_227L_G.jpg EB_224L_G.jpg EB_217L_G.jpg EB_216L_G.jpg