Print x (Coloring + Embossing)

EliteEmbossing make plain paper more exquisite with brand new appearance.

We supply the following service:

   Super Large Processing Size 109 x 92 cm
   Non-Toxic & Inodorous Paper Coloring, Varnishing
   Over 400 Pre-made Deep Embossing Plates
   Over 200 MAL Micro-Embossing Patterns
   Various Natural Textures (Wood & Leather) are available.
   Customized Embossing Plate-making
   Odorless HUV Color Printing
   Full Coloring and Embossing Tests on Packaging Materials
   Integrate EB Contents with Your Packaging Design (Our Proofed MAL Patterns)
   Texture and Pattern design
   Glossy & Matt Varnishing
   Micro-line design and embossing (0.05mm / 0.1mm)
   Foil Laminating for Micro-line Embossing
   Customized Art Paper Production up to B1+ size
   Merchandise Packaging design, prepress, printing, post-printing
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Paper is the must material for printing industry and all any commercial application. We apply brand new computer graphic art design and integrate coloring and embossing processes to extend the value and visual effect of plain paper.

If you agree our concept and idea, please give us the chance to fulfill our embossing art work to be yours.